Ropes & Gray


Report of the Independent Investigation

The Constellation of Factors Underlying Larry Nassar’s Abuse of Athletes.

"...In all, Nassar committed thousands of sexual assaults between the early 1990s and the summer of 2016. He abused some survivors one time, while abusing others hundreds of times over a period of many years. Nassar carefully constructed a comprehensive system of abuse. He cultivated a reputation and image as a highly-skilled, well-meaning and caring doctor, and he committed almost all of his crimes under the guise of performing medical treatments. He groomed the survivors, their families and numerous other adults into believing that he was not only a world- renowned doctor, but also an advocate for the athletes, a physician who cared deeply about his patients’ physical well-being and mental and emotional health. With the cover he crafted, he became, in the words of one survivor, a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” who cloaked himself in the “guise of a loving friend and medical professional.”