GUEST BLOG: Is the media keeping USA Swimming’s dirty little secret on Sexual Abuse?

By Sarah Ehekircher

There are 201 coaches on the USA Swimming's and The Center for SafeSport's banned, and or suspended list. 

About a month ago I decided to check out the disciplinary records on the Center for SafeSports website, to see what swimming coaches have been banned, suspended, or some other type of confusing punishment for alleged misconduct, criminal dispositions, etc. 

I did not expect to find what I did it really made me question a few things:

  • Why has the number of coaches not been reported in the media?

  • Why did it take Swim Swam over a month to report this, after it was reported by, and Chris DeSantis and I?

  • Why is the media keeping USA Swimming’s dirty little secret? 

There are currently 30 coaches on this list (USOC SafeSport) and these do NOT include the list of banned coaches on the USA Swimming website, except for 14 that have recently been added. These do not include suspended coaches, or banned coaches still in appeal, only the coaches that have been permanently banned by Safesport - all have criminal dispositions. 

That leaves 16 swim coaches still on the list at Safesport, in some sort of “waiting to see what happens” twilight zone. I say twilight zone because who knows what really goes on at the Center for SafeSport, they are not exactly transparent.

There are 201 coaches the have been banned, or suspended according to the USA Swimming, and The Center for SafeSport websites. Why is no one talking about this?

There's no difference between USA Swimming and the Catholic Church.

I have said before that there's no difference between USA Swimming and the Catholic Church. When USA swimming does not ban coaches, when they don't take disciplinary action when coaches act inappropriately (Bob BowmanScott, MacFarland, Norm Havercroft, Paul Bergan, Randall Smith,) just to name a few. This allows coaches to move around all over the country, and world, where they can continue to abuse swimmers. Please tell me how this is different, and why no one is talking about this? 

"The Center for SafeSport is not there to help the athletes, they are there for find information."

To make things worse, there are coaches NOT on this list that have allegations

against them. USA Swimming, and the Center for SafeSport are covering up the

issues that surround these coaches. 

I've said it before, the Center for SafeSport is not there the help athletes, they are there  to find information, that might be able to be used against the victims. The coaches on the list at The Center for SafeSport, are low hanging fruit, they were easy to ban or suspend. The same goes for USA Swimming.

Things will never change if people don't speak up, if people do not tell the truth! You are complicit in these crimes, if you do not report, if you keep silent, if you do not tell the truth, if you worry that your swim school, or swim team will not attract kids if you speak out. What would you do if something happened to your child, sister, brother, mom, dad, wife, husband or friend? Would you sit back and worry about what might happen to your job, your swim school?

What would swimming look like if everyone who knew the truth about what has gone on in the past, or is going on now, would speak up and do the right thing?

Maybe it would prevent further victims, and maybe it would prevent it happening to someone you love. I hope that no one EVER has to deal with being abused, or a loved one being abused. There are profound repercussions for the victims, and the ones who love them.

Will you do the right thing?

Sarah Ehekircher is a Survivor of abuse, that was inflicted upon her, while she was a competitive swimmer under the watch of USA Swimming. Sarah is fighting the forces of good, and evil, inside the sport of competitive swimming. She is determined to uncover the truth about what really goes on in USA Swimming, USOC, The Center for SafeSport, and other National Governing Bodies of Youth Sport. She supports survivors from ALL sports, no matter what you've accomplished. Sarah’s whole story can be read at CONCUSSION INC

Sarah Ehekircher's website Truth and Karma.

Sarah’s Twitter: @truthandkarma11

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