The USOC needs a massive overhaul and re-ordering of priorities.

The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and National Governing Body (NGB) leadership have prioritized commercial interests and the careers of their administrators and board over the health and livelihood of the athletes who make the Games real.

Sexual Abuse Cases

Sexual Abuse Cases

The shocking institutional negligence, plainly evident in their hands-off policies that led to thousands of young athletes being abused by predatory coaches, is now manifesting itself in sexual abuse cases filed at the new SafeSport.

The -so far- 600+ cases in the docket are all the proof America needs that it is time for a change of leadership in the USOC.


Yet this is only one aspect of institutional abuse of America’s youth by the USOC, which has always treated athletes like packaged products to be sold on TV.

The USOC treats athletes like packaged products to be sold on TV

Outdated, Inefficient and Ineffective

Less than 10% of the USOC’s $265MM+ average annual budget (2013-2016) is being spent on directly on athletes.*

Analysis suggests that less than 10 of the 2018 Winter Games medals can be attributed to USOC or NGB support. That’s $55MM per medal in 2018 -- compare to Norway’s (population 5.2MM) 39 medals on a fraction of the budget.

The average American Olympian gets scant support from the USOC/NGBs. The majority struggle to make ends meet while 600+ USOC full-time administrators enjoy outsized salaries and benefits.

USOC average annual budget (2013-2016)


Spent on Athletes Less than 10%

Performance 2018 Winter Games
Population 325M
USA Shirt
Gold Medals: 9
Population 5M
Norway Shirt
Gold Medals: 14
The USOC leadership has stolen the Olympic movement from those who earned it.

Source: * US Athletic Trust direct athlete support research


American Olympic Sport back to its roots

Together with a majority of American Olympians, we will demand accountability of the current USOC leadership, their subsequent resignations, and a Congressional rewrite of the Amateur Sports Act.

Together we will bring American Olympic Sport back to its roots: supporting the efforts of the best young athletes in America.

Reorganizing Team USA won’t be easy. It will start with an institutional, deep and sustainable reordering of priorities, the inverse of the current insider scheme.

Reordering Priorities. Athletes First.

  1. 1Athletes Icon Athletes
  2. 2Coaches Icon Coaches
  3. 3Volunteers Icon Volunteers
  4. 4Sponsors Icon Sponsors
  5. 5Administrators Icon Administrators

Everything will be reorganized with this priority set:

1st: Athletes; 2nd: Coaches; 3rd: Dedicated Volunteers; 4th: Sponsors; 5th: Administration.

The USOC needs to be dramatically slimmed down. Everything that can be outsourced effectively to better, more affordable service providers, will be.

The dramatic savings from the rationalization of the current USOC will flow directly to our NGBs, which will be tasked with supporting their athletes, coaches and volunteers better than ever.


One million of us by 2019

We will be an army of supporters 1 million strong. Together with a majority of American Olympians, we will demand accountability of the current USOC leadership.

Join the fight now