Let’s fix the U.S. Olympic
Committee together.


On October 31, 2020 President Trump signed The Empowering Olympic, Paralympic and Athlete Act. Decades of scandal, sexual and economic athlete abuse, by a 5,000+ person unsupervised bureaucracy, finally got Congress focused on real reform of this flawed system. Since then NOTHING has happened. The Commission empowered has not been funded, and it's been radio silence on USOPC reform.

Recall that the USOPC is a federally chartered corporation that has exclusive rights (granted by Congress) to commercialize the Olympic Rings in the U.S., which now generate over $1.6 BN a year throughout the system, while our athletes continue to get less than 5% of the funds. Practically, this system has never been subject to effective oversight, nor has an outdated Amateur Sports Act of 1978 kept up with changes in our Olympic sports system.


The 16 person commission to hold hearings and write a final report by July 2021, has not been funded. Their report should form the basis of a new law that brings TEAM USA back to what it should be: athlete-focused, transparent, dominant, and efficient--but that won't happen until Congress steps up--which they have not. 


While many have great hope that a substantive reform of the US Olympic System is at hand, other veterans of this battle are less sanguine. They remember how the insiders controlling the USOPC and their allies (sponsors, media entities, legal advisors) have weathered all reform efforts since 1980, sometimes even taking advantage of them to strengthen their power. Creating substantive and enduring reform will be challenging, but with the right resources, very possible by 2021. Which is why we need your support. 


You can significantly enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome to reform efforts by donating to help Olympians Rising 

We believe that our reform plan can prevail against a lobbying effort by the USOPC, IOC, and media companies to maintain the status quo. Join us in this worthy effort for social justice in sport.

Together we can re-order the system’s priorities, governance, and board, make our athletes the focus, and impact sport development, access and opportunity, for all Americans regardless of income, race, gender, or disability. 

It is challenging to identify charities that can really move the needle--this is one that can. You can have a historic impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of American youth training for the Olympic Games by joining our effort. 





















August Wolf OLY 

1984 Olympian and National Champion

Founder and President 

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  Your Donation Will Pay For

  • Influence the makeup and leadership of the EOPAA (Empowering Olympic, Paralympic and Amateur Athlete Act) Commission

  • Provide policy recommendations, data, and strategic advice to the Commission and Congress

  • Support the writing of a new law to govern the US Olympic sport system

Olympians Rising is a DBA of Desiderata Hederae Athleticae Corp., a 501c3 nonprofit organization supporting athletes since 2000, EIN 22-375 7804

Our Olympic athletes don't have a voice of their own.


We are Olympians Rising and we want to change that.


So we’re organizing to create change and to GIVE ATHLETES A VOICE. 

The strong, dedicated girls and youth of TEAM USA who survived the assaults of their team doctors and coaches also were victims of a second kind of abuse—the negligence of the U.S. Olympic Committee. The people who allowed these conditions to fester have failed, and failed to fix them. It’s time to clean house!

We are a group of Olympians and friends that have had enough with the negligence, dysfunction and out-of-whack priorities of the U.S. Olympic Committee. 
is AMERICA'S TEAM, and it deserves better.