Let’s fix the U.S. Olympic
Committee together.

Sign your name and help us in our continued work to prevent systemic child exploitation and sexual abuse by persons of power in American Sport. No Child or Teenager should be groomed, exploited, manipulated by coaches, doctors, or authority figures while pursuing the Olympic dream for our country.   #METOO #ENOUGH

The strong, dedicated young women of the U.S. Gymnastics team who survived the assaults of their team doctor were also victims of a second kind of abuse—the negligence and human rights abuse of the U.S. Olympic Committee. We are only starting to skim the surface of US Swimming and the abuse that has been covered up for years.

Only 10% of more than US$250 million of USOC annual revenues go directly to our athletes. It's time for Congress and the American people to put our athletes, coaches, volunteers and sport development first.

Help us support Congress to strengthen Safe Sport and reform the United States Olympic Committee.

Too often our Olympic athletes don't have a voice of their own.


We are Olympians Rising and we want to change that.

We are a group of Olympians and friends that are disgusted with the negligence of the U.S. Olympic Committee, and outraged by their dysfunction, neglect and out-of-whack priorities.
is AMERICA'S TEAM, and it deserves better.
So we’re organizing to create change and to GIVE ATHLETES A VOICE. 


The strong, dedicated girls and youth of TEAM USA who survived the assaults of their team doctors and coaches also were victims of a second kind of abuse—the negligence of the U.S. Olympic Committee. The people who allowed these conditions to fester have failed, and failed to fix them. It’s time to clean house!



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